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8 for 8 Gold medals at North Carolina Championship

White Tigers competed at Yong-In University Presidental Cup held in Greensboro, North Carolina from July 29- 30, 2011.  Over 1200 competitiors from around the world attended this huge event.  Our students,  Jorge, Gaby, Dylan, Salvador, Kennedy, Brayden, Roberto and Deon perform outstanding job representing McAllen Texas.  It is very rare for a school to perform perfect record against very tough schools around the country.  Congratulations to all the White Tigers.

2011 Sponsor Posters Available Soon!

Sponsor posters are coming soon!

2011 Texas State Championship – White Tigers wins 20 Gold medals

Song’s White Tigers Competed 2011 Texas State Taekwondo championship held in Dallas Texas.  Touraments was held in beautiful Gaylord Convention Center.  Twenty Students competed to qualify for Taekwondo National championship which will be held in San Jose California on June 28 thru July 3, 2011.  Our Students perform outstanding  job by bringing 20 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze medals.  No other school in Texas has perform better than White tigers Taekwondo.   Next Stop San Jose California.  Good Job WHITE TIGERS !!!!!

Beware of Fake Black Belt Certificate

You waited 3 years for your black belt test and your master handed you black belt certificate.  Is it real?  In order to be certified black belt,  your master has to send the applications to KUKIWON.  Kukiwon is headquarter of TaeKwonDo, located in South Korea.  Many students walks in to my office claiming that they are black belt from World TaekwonDo Federation/ WTF.  I ask them if I can see the WTF Cards.  Most students doesn’t have them.  Chances are they are not certified by Korea.  They might be black belt, but according to World TaekwonDo Federation nor KUKIWON, head of Taekwondo headquarter, they don’t exist.  So what is difference between real black belt certificate and why do we care if certificate is real or not?  Question is do you want to be recognized by world or just in your school?    Real Certified Black belt can walk into school and say I am black belt from Kukiwon and WTF, he/she will be accepted as black belt.  Also 4th Dan black belt from Kukiwon certified can only be consider Master and certified as Instructor.  So why not get the real certificate when you already deserved it? click here for more image of ; Fake kukiwon certificate

Competition Every Friday at White Tigers TKD- McAllen

Want to try your skills against other schools?   Come and join us every friday for sparring competitions.  Fight against STATE, NATIONAL, US OPEN champions from the Valley.  Call today for more info. Fee apply.