Junior Instructor & Student Athlete

Noel Maldonado

Noel Maldonado

Noel has been studying Martial Arts since he was 9 years old when he joined a local TaeKwonDo school in Pasedena, TX. At 13, Noel and his family realized that they would need to find a new Martial Arts school which will help him focus his immense talent. Noel’s goal is to bring home the Olympic gold medal.

Since joining our team, Noel has quickly soared to the top of the podium for every local tournament and state championships. Noel has also competed along-side some of the Nations top athletes and been coached by TaeKwonDo legends.

Noel has a teachable spirit which has helped propel him new levels in his craft. Noel hopes his persistence and hard work will one day grant him the opportunity to fight for his country on the Olympic stage.


  • Silver: 2015 TX State Championship (Welter Weight)
  • GOLD: 2014 TX State Championship (Welter Weight)
  • 1st: ALL Local Tournaments Competed in